Quality and Safety are inseparable

Everyone is talking about quality. Especially when it comes to safety. So, for example, let us talk about wheels and axles for streetcars or high-speed trains as we produce them at the BVV. No piece leaves our factories unchecked. Not a single wheel, no wheelset, not a single component.  Nothing remains undetected. That is what we owe to all the people who rely on us. And of course to our customers who deserve to get from us what they expect: The best on rails.

Continuous improvement of methods


CIP (Continual Improvement Process), KAIZEN, product audits – we do not stop at what we achieved. Instead we constantly keep on improving our standard methods of quality management. This pays off for our customers, some of whom attend the events together with us and further develop relevant quality topics in joint projects with us.

Our certificates

Tickets to the world of railways

Certificates are significant as an objective proof of certain methods and skills. They are the ticket to a small circle of qualified suppliers. For all parts of the world. However, they are no definite proof for quality, they never can be. That proof lies only in the product itself. The actual workmanship takes place day by day in production, forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing. It then is ensured during the individual test steps. The awards of which we are proud of are therefore also an incentive to earn these seals of quality anew with every single product.

Certificates & Licenses