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Especially quiet our ultralight resilient wheel with aluminum rim

By Wednesday May 4th, 2022October 11th, 2023No Comments

Acoustic measurements could confirm that our aluminum wheels are not only equal to, but quieter than conventional steel wheels.

In 2019 and 2021, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt commissioned FCP IBU GmbH to carry out two measurement campaigns with comparative acoustic measurements at different passing speeds.
Conventional steel wheels and the BVV aluminum hybrid wheels were tested.
The measurements showed that the resilient hybrid wheels generate a lower noise level than the steel LRV wheels.

Aluminum has different properties than steel and therefore requires a more solid disc wheel body design.
The bridge of an aluminum disc wheel body is thicker, resulting in higher stiffness and lower vibration amplitude in the acoustic range.
This also results in less deformation of the disc wheel body than the steel disc wheel body.
Added to this are weight savings of up to 70 kg per wheel, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Read the full report (in english) given at the 2022 Annual Meeting on Acoustics here. (this text is a translation of the DAGA 2022 Stuttgart manuscript)

Hinweis Manuskript (