Noise absorber

Individually tuned noise dampening

When rolling off the wheels on straight track and especially in curves, sound emissions cannot be avoided where steel rubs against steel. We have something to counter it – individually tuned special absorbers, radially and axially, proven worldwide since centuries.

Reducing rolling noise

The radial wheel-sound absorbers proven especially at high speed are a BVV innovation. Specially tuned to the application and wheel material, it reduces the unavoidable rolling noise by up to 10 dB(A). A noticeable and audible relief for the surrounding and environment.

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Eliminating curve squeal

We could reduce the disturbing curve travel noise with our axial sound absorber by up to 35 dB(A). And 35 dB(A) is a proud value. Just ask the residents of inner cities.

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Eliminating start up noise

High-speed locomotives may tend to the so-called whistle noise when starting up under full load, an unpleasant sound for residents as well as passengers on the railway platform. We resolve this problem successfully with our sound absorber.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us when needed.