Long lasting wheels with outstanding running and comfort characteristics

Wheels are our strength. For now over 175 years, the Bochumer Verein represents the highest quality and reliability of its products. And it is going to stay that way in the future.

Steels for long running times

The running time of wheels is decisively defined by the quality of the steel and its expert handling. Our offer: In addition to the standard materials in accordance with EN, UIC, AAR, etc., we can supply you with the well-known developments from our laboratories – the steel grades Exzellent, Excelsior®, KVR 600 and HHR5 on niobium basis with far above average mileages.

Worldwide Certification

Of course, the many certifications for railways in all parts of the world clearly speak for themselves. We are especially proud to have achieved approval for high-speed traffic in China, where certifications are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

A Word about our Costs

In railway traffic, price competition is particularly high. That is why we invite you to compare the life-cycle costs of our premium BVV wheels that can handle more than 2 million kilometres runtime and our impeccable maintenance system to cheaper alternatives – we guarantee that they will no longer seem as attractive as us.

Our wheel offer

Resilient and high-spring deflected wheels for local public transport

The desire for comfort and increased technical requirements were the inspiration behind the development of our resilient wheels. By the way, Bo54, the original of the entire series, is still in demand worldwide today and is often replicated; every development of this type of wheel will naturally meet all customer requirements.

Special wheels for high-speeds

High speed requires special expertise and a lot of tact in steel processing. We supply

  • Stress-balanced wheels for lightweight, but high strength wheel designs;
  • Sound-damped wheels with highly efficient and lightweight sound absorbers
  • Sound-optimised wheels for noise reduction.
Special wheels for passenger transport and locomotives

With the BVV monobloc wheel for passenger transport and locomotives we present a balanced wheel design. Like all members of the BVV wheel family, it benefits from the tried and tested materials and manufacturing processes of the high-speed transportation range and stands for excellent long lasting properties and comfort. We supply

  • Passenger carriages
  • Multiple unit trains for regional as well as urban and underground railways
  • Locomotives
Special wheels for freight transportation

BVV freight carriage wheels with excellent long lasting properties. Like all other BVV wheels, they are based on the tried-and-tested high-speed transportation manufacturing processes and benefit from its advantages. We supply

  • Wheels for block-braked wheelsets with composite brake pads
  • Wheels for disc-braked wheelsets
  • Optimised for high continuous load
  • Optional: Radial wheel noise absorber or damping rings to reduce rolling and curve travel noise