The ultralight BVV hybrid wheel with aluminium rim, two part design

Up to 30% less weight per wheel

The benefits of our ultralight hybrid rubber element shock absorber wheels are impressive. Have a look at some numbers based on a 6-axle tram car: 600 kg less weight per vehicle; 100 kg lower axle load; reduced stress on the track and vehicle; 195,000 kWh of energy savings over the vehicle’s life span with a total mileage of 3 million km; 98,000 kg less CO2 equivalent emissions. This means increasing the transport capacity by eight people or 600 kg of weight reserved for additional technical equipment.

Light weight

Up to 30% lighter thanks to the wheel rim made of high performance forged aluminium material


Integrated noise damping with special high-damping rubber compounds and individually tuned absorbers for a noise reduction of up to 30 dB(A)


Wheel tyres made of high-tech materials of ExcelsiorR N, H or SO qualities reduce wear and fatigue damage

High availability

Torsion-proof element shock absorber with high primary stress as well as fatigue-resistant tyres and rubber elements which ensure trouble-free operation


On track and carriage concept with individually tuned suspension behavior

Easy to service

Maintenance-free rubber elements, tyre changing and fast and easy assembly

The design principle

Easily forged aluminium – The design and materials of the wheel rim are designed for longevity and weight reduc-tion – High quality forged aluminium high performance material reduces wheel weight by up to 30%
Space-saving The assembly of the rubber elements between the wheel tyre and wheel rim without addi-tional screwed connections and the like ensures minimal space and is thus particularly suitable for modern low-floor vehicles with wheel hub motors or loose wheel bearings
Non-rotating rubber elements – Individually designed rubber elements with special long-life rubber compound for max-imum durability over the entire service life – Non-rotating due to high primary stress and tailor-made cut
Matched suspension behaviour – Vertical deflection, individually tailored to tracks and carriage concept up to mm 1.2 mm with 60 kN wheel force
Route protection – Reduced unsprung masses reduce wear and tear to the vehicle and track system and prevent oscillations and shocks in adjacent residential areas
Integrated noise damping – Significant noise reduction through the decoupling of wheel tyres and wheel rim by rubber element shock absorber with special rubber
Long-lasting tyres made of special steel – Wheel tyres in the tried and tested N, H or SO Excelsior grades reduce wear and fa-tigue damage and guarantee maximum mileage – Optional: Standard quality according to UIC and ASTM
Optional: High-performance absorber – Individually tuned high-performance absorbers reduce noise caused by going around bends by up to 30 dB (A) – Maintenance-free BVV mounting system
13 tonnes and more per wheelset – Designed for high continuous load and high axle loads
Current bridges Specially designed current bridges for safe power transmission between wheel rim and wheel tyres

The design principle

Bo 54, the “original type” of resilient BVV wheels

Hybrid wheels do not differ in durability from conventional wheels, however their suitability has been proven over a long series of tests. Of course – due to the different material conditions – specific structural adjustments were made.

In the hybrid version, Bo 54 has the lowest possible number of components: Wheel rim, wheel tyre, rubber spring mounting. Wheel rim rings and additional retaining screws are also not required here.

The unmistakable core of the design is the rubber elements, which are individually designed according to the wheel’s application. The highly pre-stressed shock absorber, which is therefore safe from turning between the tyre and the rim, reduces noise in accordance with customer specifications and is particularly suitable for limited spaces.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements!

How should we construct your wheelset?

Each track and carriage format poses different challenges to wheels and wheelsets. Therefore, the wheel types shown are not a standard offer to which you need to adapt, but specimens that you can individually design together with us and expand even further.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Variable wheel body/rim – Individual material selection: BVV special steels of different grades – Individual design of the wheel bodies, with and without drive/brake disc attachment for conventional wheelsets and loose wheel bearing etc.
Variable rubber elements – Wide range of rubber shapes – Load carrying capacity matched to the loads – Individually tuned shock absorbing characteristics – Thermally stable up to 130 °C – Compliance with fire protection requirements according to EN 45545
Variable wheel tyre – Material: ExcelsiorR N, H, SO or according to customer specifications – Diameter: from 350 to 950 mm
– Variable current bridges – Individual in terms of interpretation and number
– Optional: High-performance absorber – Individually tuned high-performance absorbers reduce noise caused by going around bends by up to 30 dB (A) – Maintenance-free BVV mounting system