The BVV Group

Tradition, Innovation, Future


The Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik (BVV) has been one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and wheelsets since the beginning of the rail age. Founded in 1842 as the Mühle & Kühne cast steel factory, the traditional company was a pioneer in steel processing and the beacon of the young railway industry. At the 1855 World Fair in Paris, Jacob Mayer was rightly honoured with the gold medal for his revolutionary steel mould casting process. This innovative tradition shapes BVV right up to the present day.


Even today, top products from Bochum, Ilsenburg and Erbisdorf define the state of the art in wheels and wheelsets on all continents. To name an example, the new resilient hybrid lightweight wheels for modern local public transport and the stress-balanced high-speed wheel for low-noise passenger transport are rightly regarded as milestones of project work that guarantee our customers decisive, competitive advantages.


Through the cooperation with Full Hill Enterprises, BVV realigned itself in 2017. With the new shareholder, one of the major railway systems providers in China, we will continue to expand our leading market position in the high-speed, locomotives and local public transport sectors, and drive forward their development with new concepts and materials.

BVV has been a strong and reliable partner to the railway industry for 175 years, and will remain so in the future. To the benefit of our customers. Globally.