The first step for the exchange

Property Exchange with the City of Bochum

The property exchange between the City of Bochum and the BVV has become reality. On August 20, the mayor Thomas Eiskirch (right) and CEO Karlheinz Springer gave a detailed introduction to the deal on the company grounds.

The essence of this “classic win-win situation” (Karlheinz Springer) is the expansion of the company grounds by 48,000 square meters that can be used to expand the production facilities and to connect to the public railway system. That means that the delivery of raw materials and the shipment of products can now be realised via railway.

The deal allows the BVV to gain some room to breathe as well as access new methods to secure the company’s future. “Today we have laid the foundation for the creation of new jobs. This is very good news for the entire Ruhr area and its people. I’m looking forward to it.”

This is also a sign of a trusted partnership, not unlike the ones between the BVV and our customers and suppliers. And, last but not least, a real impetus for the further development of the company.