Greeting of the CEO

Bochumer Verein guarantees competitive advantages for its customers

„As Bochumer Verein, we guarantee competitive advantages for our customers. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality wheels, axles and wheelsets, we are uncompromisingly focused on one single goal: increasing the competitive advantage of our customers.

Everything that helps you, as manufacturer or operator, to gain market share and customers and to improve your market position is our mission. We are constantly optimising our processes to achieve this. Our employees are committed to this philosophy. Their competence and reliability are guarantors of your success as a customer.

The basis for this is our experience as a problem solver for our customers. Developing innovative concepts, improving proven products, and exploring new materials: We have been leaders in all these areas for decades.

Our customers know this and prefer long-term partnerships. Mutual trust, open communication and unconditional reliability are essential.
The result will always be to increase the competitive advantage of our customers. That’s something you can rely on.”

Harald Müller (CEO)