Ensure electronic circuits during operation

During operation the electronic systems work flawlessly – a responsibility of the electronics engineer in the field of industrial engineering. Electronics engineers are responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of any electrical equipment in operation.

Regular maintenance work on the high-voltage systems as well as signalling and communication systems are part of their daily tasks. If a system needs to be replaced, they will organise and check for the proper assembly. Then they instruct the users to correctly operate the installation. Craftsmanship skills are at the centre of the work involved in the assembly of switching and automation programmes.

Furthermore, electronics engineers for industrial engineering are involved in the planning of new buildings or industrial plants. To do this, they create drafts for changes or extensions in the electrical system.

Working with electronics always requires the highest level of safety. Therefore, all work is carried out under strict observance of the relevant regulations and safety regulations. Electronics engineers for industrial engineering thus provide an essential contribution to safety during operation.

Length of training:
3.5 years

Education Requirement:
Vocational extension certificate with good grades in the subjects German, mathematics, physics and engineering