Joe Flöhren

Industrial mechanic

I became aware of BVV through the career counseling service at the employment agency. After I have informed myself on the Internet about the BVV, was clear with:
BVV is a company with a perspective.

Since BVV cooperates with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG on training, I spent the entire first year of my apprenticeship in the TKSE training workshop.

My first-year apprenticeship activities included several basic courses, for example, the basic metal course. In the process, we used the familiar processes of the industrial mechanic, drilling, sawing, filing and bending, to independently make a small truck.

Furthermore, there was a basic course in machining. In the process, we were taught the beginnings of turning and milling in a practical wayOther courses in the course of the training prepare us for the exams in a target-oriented manner.

All in all, my work colleagues are very open and helpful. That’s why I really enjoy working with them. The many useful courses continue to make training both exciting and varied. There are many ways to get involved while you are still in training.