Samet Esendir

Process technologist

I am Samet Esendir, 21 years old, and after graduating from high school I started my training at BVV to become a process technologist in the metallurgical and semi-finished products industry. The trainees at BVV are trained in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG. That’s why I spent the entire first year of my apprenticeship at the Bochum site of TKSE’s technical center.

As a process technologist trainee, you go through a wide variety of departments with training courses and get interesting insights into other professional fields. For example, two exciting weeks are coming up in the welding and machining departments. My daily tasks here include filing, drilling, sawing and bending. In addition to the practical training, there are a lot of instructions in e.g. occupational safety. In the theoretical part of the training at the vocational school, I can expand my knowledge for the company. In this way, I gradually grow into a trained skilled worker. There are also community activities, such as the yearly soccer championship.

During my first year of training in the apprentice workshop, there was never a lack of contact with BVV. In parallel to our regular visits to the HR department, Mr. Zabinski and Mr. Ekici continued to visit us at the Technical Center. We could address worries or questions at all times. Furthermore, we are well informed about many topics that affect us, such as company pensions, capital-forming benefits and insurance.

In the second year of my apprenticeship, I will be assigned to the BVV company. I’m excited and looking forward to working in production.