Multi-talents in all logistical processes

Warehouse logistics specialists control the goods processes from delivery to shipping. You check the delivery for quality and correctness and unload the vehicle with the help of a forklift. After this, you store the goods properly.

Furthermore, you organize the worldwide shipment of the products. China and the USA are preferred targets here. During this process, you select the most efficient shipping method and prepare accompanying documents, such as delivery bills or customs declarations. You will independently carry out the subsequent loading of the vehicles and securing of the goods.

You organize your work equipment independently and order what you need as required. To do this, you compare offers, order goods and arrange payment for them. In order to maintain an overview of the inventory of goods, you will regularly carry out inventory work and simple annual financial statements.

Training period:
3 years

Training requirements:
Good secondary school certificate with good grades in the subjects German, mathematics and technology.