Internship / Trainee programs for students

Your first step into the working world

Here at BVV, we want to give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of working in an international company early on in your career, in a place where you can develop your own ideas and make your own experiences.

As an intern, you will be able to experience the daily workload and processes with a focus on gaining specialised knowledge in the technical or commercial field. In our experience, these experiences will prove invaluable when choosing a career path or a university course. We offer internships in almost all areas of our business; further, university students can complete their foundational or specialised internship with us.

As a trainee, or a working student, you will be able to gain experience whilst still studying at university. This will allow you to network with different people and to ease you into the working world after the completion of your course. You will have the chance to be involved in exciting projects with the team you are assigned to, and to take on responsibilities on your own. During the semester, we offer a contract of 20 working hours/week; during the lecture-free period up to 40 hours/week.

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