Wheelset component testing

Railroad wheel and wheelset shaft test stands Ilsenburg

Our plant in Ilsenburg has been involved in the testing of wheelset components for many years in order to ensure safe production in line with quality standards. Current product requirements as well as fatigue strength on wheels and wheelset shafts as defined e.g. in the regulations and standards DIN EN 13979-1, DIN EN 13103-1, DIN EN 13260/13261/13262 or in customer specifications can be tested on the test equipment.

The rotating bending test stands

The component strength of wheels and wheelset shafts can be tested using the rotating bending test stands. For this purpose, the test specimen is subjected to a load acting equivalently during the entire service life in the shortest possible time or its fatigue limit (test to failure) is determined.
The basis for this is provided by the standards mentioned.

Special features:

  • 24 hours operation
  • Control of the unbalance motor via permanent monitoring by means of strain gauges of the control planes applied to the wheelset shaft.
  • Monitoring of additional stress measuring points by means of strain gauge measuring technology
  • Testing in single-stage load-increase procedure usual, optionally also block programs possible
  • Energy-saving resonance-excited test stand

The static test stand

The static test stand is available for fundamental investigations, stress and deformation measurements as well as for the evaluation of FE calculations. As the machine name suggests, static forces are applied here to the test wheels in both vertical (max. 500 kN) and horizontal (max. 200 kN) directions.
We can test all types of wheels, from solid wheels to special designs. This is made possible by the flexible use of a shaft flange.

Wheel test


All mentioned test stands are accredited by the German accreditation body DAkks according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 2009.

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