Material testing

Material testing laboratory

Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH has fully ILAC-certified testing facilities for mechanical, metallographic, non-destructive and fatigue testing. However, we also cooperate with a number of renowned testing and research laboratories and institutes.

The metallurgical testing laboratory of the Bochumer Verein is certified according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 as an independent and autonomous testing laboratory. In addition to internal services, the laboratory also offers its services to external customers.

Pendulum impact tester

We use a pendulum impact tester to determine the impact strength and impact work on standardized specimens and test bars. In order to meet all requirements, such as the empty impact compensation of DIN EN ISO 148, the pendulum impact tester was modernized in 2012.

Special features:

  • nominal working capacity of 300 J
  • Incremental rotary encoder for computer-aided evaluation of impact energy
  • tests in the temperature range between -60 °C and + 100 °C

Tensile testing machine

Our tensile testing machine was modernized in 2017, increasing the maximum load capacity by 100 kN, to now a total of 250 kN. Specimen shape A (machined specimens for clamping in tensioning wedges) and B (machined specimens with threaded heads) are tested here. Hot tensile tests also pose no challenge.

Servo hydraulic tensile and compression testing machine

With the help of our servo-hydraulic tensile and compression testing machine, we can determine crack propagation, fatigue strength and relaxation behavior on rubber bodies. This is done via computer-controlled strain, displacement and force control. This testing machine was last modernized in 2016. Its maximum load capacity is currently 100 kN.

Hardness test

Hardness testing is used to determine the resistance of a material to penetration by other, harder workpieces. For this purpose, we use universal hardness testing equipment for testing according to the standard Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell test methods. In addition, we can implement automated profile testing using a computer-controlled measuring table.

All test methods listed above have been flexibly accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 2009.

contact person:

Dr. Ing. Silke Harksen

Head of Materials Technology Center /

Laboratory & Materials R&D

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Tel.: +49 (0)234 6891-334