Ultralight hybrid wheel for local public transport

Up to 30% lighter

The values, based on a 6-axle tram: up to 1000 kg less weight per vehicle; 165 kg lower axle load; reduced stress on the track and vehicle; 320,000 kWh energy savings over the life of the vehicle with a total mileage of 3 million km; 180,000 kg less CO2 equivalent emissions.

This means an increase in the transport capacity or 600 – 1000 kg reserves for additional technical equipment.

Forged aluminium is light in weight and resistant – we have tested and proven this over many test series. Combined with our proven torsion-protected rubber spring mounting, this was developed into an operationally reliable system, which will follow its course on the rails:

  • Silent, like all our resilient wheels
  • Strong due to high-strength tyres in Excelsior┬« quality
  • Easy to service thanks to simple to change tyres
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