Greeting from Poland

Pesa Bydgoszcz SA
confirmed that our monobloc wheels reach a mileage of 1.5 million km.


Especially quiet: Our resilient ultralight hybrid wheel with aluminium rim

Acoustic measurements could confirm that our aluminum wheels are quieter than conventional steel wheels. Read more in our report on the Annual Acoustics Conference.


BVV modernizes its main facility

The WAZ (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung) reported on our site modernization on 22.01.2022.


Silver for the BVV management system

Good News from the European Railway Industry Association- and confirmation that our management system more than meets current rail industry standards.


Long-distance test successfully passed

The BVV Bo2000 hybrid wheels with rubber suspension passed the practical test at VerkehrsGesellschaft Frankfurt/M "without any complaints".


The Future drives BVV

Our pride: high-tech wheels and wheel sets for more green mobility.


United against Corona

We at BVV fight against Corona -.
with community spirit and a strong will,
to protect ourselves and others.

Wanted: The Best!

We are looking for competent and highly motivated individuals to join our teams in Production, Sales, and Administration.

Centre of Competence Brand-Erbisdorf

Here we forge the quality shafts for the trains of the world


Centre of Competence Ilsenburg

Wheels from Bochum, Axles from Brand-Erbisdorf:
In Ilsenburg, they are made into high-Quality wheelsets
of all builds and sizes.


More power with less energy

During the overhaul of our 8000-tonne press in Bochum
was also about improving the environmental balance.

Ultra hard material
For more kilometres

UltraDur ER8H, the new material for the
Chinese high-speed transportation


Up to 30% lighter

The new resilient hybrid wheels
made of forged aluminium are making furore

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