The highly thermal resistant BVV freight carriage wheel for the block-braked wheelset

Strong, low compressive internal stress, future-proof

The BVV freight carriage wheel, which is highly resistant to thermal loads, is an exceptional long-lasting wheel that meets the high thermal requirements of freight carriages with composite pads. Of course, as with all members of the BVV wheel family, it is based on the proven manufacturing processes of the high-speed traffic range, such as the “Advanced Heating Technology AHT” and benefits from the long experience of our forging masters.

Light weight

Wheel disc in weight-optimised, low-stress design for the highest thermal loads


Low noise emission due to braking with composite brake pads


Optimized long-lasting characteristics achieved through specially heat-treated treads

High availability

Longest runtimes are achieved by applying the proven manufacturing process from the high-speed traffic range


Individually manufactured according to customer requirements in standard or special grades and in all common sizes

Easy to service

The compressive internal stress, monitored in the wheel flange during Operation, is never exceeded

Design principle

BVV special grades for freight carriages – Block braked wheels made of ER7 according to EN 13262 optimised for high con-tinuous loads – Special quality: Niobium-based HHR5 for axel loads of up to 45 tonnes
Individually optimised forging temperature – Forging processes based on high-speed transportation wheels according to the proven BVV quality standard – Individually optimised for each alloy to maintain use under the toughest conditions
Advanced Heat Treatment AHT – The excellent long-lasting characteristics of our freight carriage wheels are ensured through the same process that gives our high-speed traffic wheels extra durability
Optional: Noise reduction Damping rings for damping rolling and curve travel noise
Variable dimensions – Wheel diameter from 630 to 1000 mm
Easy to service – BVV-grade materials, special shapes and optimised manufacturing processes ensure the longest possible maintenance intervals

Examples of current wheels and wheelsets

Block-braked wheelsets

Lightweight, low-tension monobloc wheels and specially optimised fracture mechanics of the solid shaft ensures a reliable performance between the NDT test intervals as well as impact and corrosion protection of protection class 2.

Wheelset axle

  • Axles in standard design, depending on the material, tempered or normalised in accordance with applicable standard and specification requirements
  • All spare wheels are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications for installation in existing freight carriages

Monobloc wheels with brake shoes

  • Lightweight, low-tension monobloc wheels for the various standard block braked freight carriage wheelsets and in accordance with applicable standard and specification requirements
  • TSI approved
  • All spare wheels are manufactured according to customer specifications for installation in existing freight carriages