Ahmet Dündar

Industrial Mechanic

My expectations of the training at BVV were very high due to the size of the company and the positive references in advance. And I wasn’t disappointed, because my day-to-day work at the training center based in Bochum is varied.

A working day can include technical tasks that prepare us for the exams. This includes, for example, filing, drilling, turning and milling of practice parts. In order to further educate ourselves professionally, we take part in comprehensive seminars, e.g. on work safety.

During our training as industrial mechanics, we complete a large number of courses. The main topics covered include electrical engineering, welding, e-pneumatics, hydraulics, turning and milling, and a forklift course.

The variety of tasks, for example when smaller assemblies have to be created, is the most fun for me. For this purpose, we mill, rotate, bend or weld parts, for example, in order to assemble them into a project later.

All in all, we are comprehensively prepared for the professional world and receive a lot of specialist knowledge from the instructors. That’s why I’m more than satisfied with my training at BVV and I’m looking forward to joining the company in full soon. For twelve months we are guaranteed to be taken on after the training. After that, we have the possibility of a permanent contract.

If you are interested in becoming an industrial mechanic, you should have teamwork and communication skills. In addition, logical and mathematical understanding is important in order to be able to put what you have learned into practice.