Marco Eichner

Cutting machine operator

I am Marco Eichner and I started my apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator at BVV at 01.09.2017. I became aware of the job and the company through my three-week traineeship at BVV as a cutting machine operator. This traineeship was recommended to me by an aquaintance of my father’s who already works at BVV.

The first year of training begins with an introductory week in Bad Marienberg. Here we played various community games and went on varied trips. After the introductory week, you spend the first 1.5 years in the training workshop at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG. During the first four months, the students complete the basic metal technology training course, where they learn how to file, saw, bend and drill.

After the basic metal technology course has been completed, the assignment takes place in the machining department. This is where turning and milling are taught practically and theoretically. Furthermore, you learn the theory and practice of forklift driving in a three-day course. After that, you get a forklift driver’s license. In the second year of training, you also take part in a crane course, where a crane certificate is also issued after successful completion.

After 1 1/2 years in the training workshop, I will complete my next training in production at BVV. As I’ ve already heard a lot of positive things from other trainees, I’m very positive about the whole thing and looking forward to my time in production.