Sina Sturm

Material tester

My name is Sina Sturm, I am 26 years old and have been doing my apprenticeship as a materials tester at BVV since September 2016. Before this apprenticeship, I did a school assistant apprenticeship with a specialized baccalaureate, during which I got to know this job.

After the application process and my signature on the training contract, I first started with the theory at the vocational school, and then a month later with the practice.

To start their training, all new trainees went on a five-day trip. The following week began 4 months in which I could try my own hand in various areas of metalworking.

Then, at the beginning of January, it was time for the first day at my new workplace in the Materials Technology Center. Here I was already welcomed by all my colleagues and greeted very warmly. One by one, my colleagues familiarized me with the machines in the test room, so that I was soon able to help out with the daily business.

My tasks quickly included the entire process in the test room, where, among other things, the properties of a wheel are tested for hardness or tensile strength. In time, the field of metallography was added. Today I am practicing the evaluation of assemblies. As metallography is very extensive, this field will bring me new experiences for a long time to come.

Training as a materials tester at BVV was the best decision I could have made for my future. Thematically, the profession is a precision landing for meAt the same time, I’m also very lucky with the great colleagues in the whole department. I landed on a top team.