Organisational and negotiating talent in the company

Industrial clerks are truly multi-talented employees in the commercial sector. Their insight into various business sectors makes them versatile all-rounders, for example in purchasing, technology, sales, accounting and human resources.

In purchasing, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and take care of receiving and storing goods. In engineering, they plan, control and monitor production processes and create order-related documents. In sales, they compile calculations and price lists and conduct sales negotiations with customers. In addition, they specifically develop marketing strategies for the company.

In accounting, industrial clerks process, book and control the processes involved. In doing so, they mainly deal with invoices and bookkeeping. In Human Resources, they determine personnel requirements, participate in recruitment and selection, and plan the future deployment of personnel.

Real all-rounders with a variety of deployment and promotion opportunities.

Length of training:
2.5 years.

Education Requirements:
Advanced technical college certificate with good grades in German, mathematics and English