The creative mind among mechanics

Designing, constructing, controlling – every component goes through different design steps before it reaches its finished condition.

First of all, construction mechanics independently produce the technical drawings for a component. For this they evaluate existing technical drawings and create new assembly plans on this basis.

Planning is followed by implementation. To ensure the proper functioning of the component, they select the appropriate sheet metal, machinery, tools, manufacturing processes and test equipment. The component is then produced from sheet metal, profiles or tubes in a manual or mechanical process. They machine components by means of saws, welding cutters and CNC-controlled machines.

The work of the construction mechanic also includes maintenance measures, regular repair and quality control of individual components and the replacement of worn parts. Furthermore, they create maintenance and inspection plans.

Length of training:
3.5 years

Education Requirement:
Vocational extension certificate with good grades in the subjects German, mathematics, physics and engineering