Passenger transport and locomotives

More kilometres, higher comfort

The wide range of passenger carriages, locomotives, and multiple unit trains for regional as well as suburban and underground railway trains is considered by some to be standard in comparison to the high-speed traffic segment. But the complexity of the wheelsets and the enormous variety of drives and brake equipment prohibit standard solutions. Also, speeds of up to 200 km/h with wheel mileages in excess of one million kilometres are anything but average demands. Normal standard products will struggle to provide these mileages. That is why we rely on experience and processes from the high-speed range and also deliver wheelsets of above-average quality for passenger transport. An effect you are sure to notice after the first million kilometres!

The stress-balanced BVV monobloc wheel for multiple unit trains, lo-comotives and passenger cars

The endurance runner for all speeds below the high-speed transportation range

The BVV Lifetime Service for passenger transport

More safety with the original manufacturer quality guarantee