The Corporate Values

Thinking and acting in terms of customer benefits

In the past, customers’ wishes were also taken into consideration. Today, we work together to find out what helps you as a manufacturer or operator to gain market share and customers, and then develop precisely. For example, the new extra-rail freight car wheels with a sound emission of less than 75 dB(A) as part of SBB’s 5L project.

Customer partnerships

The deepened partnership with our premium customers is indispensable for developing real competitive advantages. Mutual trust and openness are the foundations for this, and the desire to succeed is an essential requirement. One example is the development of the Resilent aluminium wheels together with Stadler Rail AG. It operates fully automatically on the principle of “Unlock – Retrace – Lock – Done!” and rewinds a complete train in just 15 minutes.


The BVV can be relied upon. This is also evident in critical situations, for example when suppliers let us down and we still stay on course. Each of our customers and partners can therefore rely on our word as much as on the quality of our products and services. This also applies to the promised delivery times.


Fast processes and lean structures characterize our procedures. This is the only way we can react promptly to changing markets and special wishes of our customers and define the development.


Innovations are never an end in themselves, but create competitive advantages for our customers. One example is the development of the high-speed wheel based on the material UltraDur ER8H with depth hardness 265HBW around the wheel tread for the Chinese CRRC. Designed for the hardest usage and environmental conditions, it sets standards in terms of smooth running and mileage and is regarded as an example of a successful partnership with outstanding results.

Employee development

Our employees are our greatest potential. They are absolute specialists in their fields, our personal appreciation goes to them. We demand a high level of flexibility, a sense of learning and responsibility, and a willingness to work hard to meet our high quality standards and the challenges of the global market. Through motivation and commitment, each individual has the opportunity for internal career advancement.


Faultless products are the basis of safety in rail transport and indispensable for the trust and satisfaction from our customers. Quality is the basis for this. At BVV, we therefore cultivate a holistic understanding of quality: Quality assurance and management are closely linked in our organization and form a performance unit. The excellent performance data of our wheels and wheelsets on the world’s tracks prove the success of this method.


The conscious and careful use of resources is just as much an obligation for us as the will to generate competitive advantages for our customers. This is another reason why all our products are designed to live a long life. Lightweight designs also reduce energy consumption over the entire lifetime. One example is our new hybrid wheel for local transport. Here we reduce the weight per wheel by up to 30%. The lowering of unsprung masses protects the track and vehicle and saves energy and maintenance costs.